Rana Assad Amin as
Auditor General of Pakistan
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A model supreme audit institution adding value to national resources.


Serving the nation by promoting accountability, transparency and good governance in the management and use of public resources.


INTEGRITY: Our Way of Life
We ensure Integrity by:
Conforming to ethical standards and code of conduct
Compliance of professional standards in our work
Honesty and Objectivity in carrying out our work


QUALITY: Our Way of Doing Business
We achieve quality by:
Producing Relevant, Timely and Reliable Reports
Meeting audit objectives in a Cost Effective manner
Applying Quality principles and Quality standards in audit planning, execution and reporting processes.
Providing quality support for efficient implementation of Government policies


PARTNERSHIP:Our Way of Interaction
We promote better relationship with stakeholders by:
Aligning our goals with the Government's reform agenda
Understanding our clients
Improving communication with stakeholders
Working as partners, help clients achieve their objectives economically, efficiently and effectively.








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