Administration & Coordination (A&C) Wing

Administration & Coordination (A&C) Wing is headed by the Deputy Auditor General (DAG) A&C.  Main functions of the wing include, inter alia, Cadre Administration of Pakistan Audit & Accounts Service (PA&AS), Human Resource Management (HRM), Training, and Performance Audit. DAG A&C acts as the Chief Human Resource Manager of the organization and is assisted by Directors General HRM, Audit & Accounts Training Institute (AATI), Performance Audit Wing (PAW) and Directors Administration, Establishment and Legal.

Responsibilities of DG HRM

  • Professional training of officers from local and foreign institutions.
  • Formulation and updation of selection criteria for professional training of officers.
  • Conducting departmental examinations.
  • Processing employment cases of PA&AS officers with International Organizations.
  • Selection of officers to attend International conferences, seminars.
Responsibilities of DG AATI
  • Planning and executing Specialized Training Program (STP) for probationers of PA&AS.
  • Designing and delivering short courses for officers and staff of Pakistan Audit Department.
  • Arranging short courses for other government departments.
  • Strategic training for International auditing.
  • Continuous Research and Development (R&D) activities.
Responsibilities of DG PAW

  • Carrying out annual Training Needs Analysis (TNA) of Field Audit Offices.
  • Formulation and implementation of Annual Training Plan.
  • Organizing International Training Programs.
  • Vetting and Approval of Preliminary Survey Reports (PSRs) and draft Performance Audit Reports (PARs)
  • Publishing a quarterly magazine ‘Performit’.

Responsibilities of Director Administration

  • Assisting the senior management in cadre administration.
  • Career planning of PA&AS officers including proposals for posting, transfer, and deputation.
  • Preparing promotion cases for Central Selection Board, Departmental Selection Board, and Departmental Promotion Committee.
  • Maintenance and updation of seniority list of PA&AS officers.
  • Personal matters of PA&AS officers i.e. pension, leave, advances, NOCs etc.

Responsibilities of Director Establishment

  • Maintenance of combined seniority list of Audit Officers of Departmental Cadre.
  • Handling court cases of Departmental Cadre officers.
  • Processing promotion cases of AAOs as AOs
  • Induction of Departmental Cadre Officers into IDC.
  • Posting, transfer, deputation of Departmental Cadre officers.

Responsibilities of Director Legal

  • Processing disciplinary cases of PA&AS officers
  • Nomination of and liaison with Standing Counsel/Advocate on Record in court cases.
  • Preparation of para-wise comments on appeals filed in courts.
  • Rendering legal advice to other wings.
  • Representing the department in legal fora.

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