The SAI Pakistan has over the years developed professional expertise in state auditing in accordance with the Internationally Accepted Auditing Standards and the international best practices as adopted for the public sector by the INTOSAI.

The SAI Pakistan has a core of over 700 audit professionals who are recruited from different fields and are converted into audit and accounts professionals under a rigorous conversion training program. The SAI Pakistan has a large number of officers specializing in various disciplines including two hundred forty four Masters in relevant disciplines such as Accounting, Public Administration, Public Finance Management, and Accounting & Computer Sciences from various Universities in U.S.A., the UK, the Netherlands, Australia and Sweden.

Human Resource

More specifically, the SAI Pakistan has trained:

  • Five hundred auditors in performance auditing of projects and programmes.
  • Eighty auditors in evaluating performance of State Owned Enterprises.
  • Over one hundred auditors in skills to conduct performance appraisal and audit of foreign missions.
  • Over one hundred auditors in E.D.P. auditing.
  • A number of officers under professional certification and PhD Programmes

To remain in touch with the international best practices the officers of the SAI Pakistan regularly participate in:

  • The Fellowship programmes of the General Accounting Office of the US
  • The programmes of the Canadian Comprehensive Auditing Foundation, Canada,
  • The workshop, seminars, and training programmes organized by the INTOSAI, ASOSAI, ECOSAI, the National Audit Office, U.K, Chinese National Audit Office, the World Bank and the IMF

Human Resource

For meeting the ongoing training requirements, the SAI Pakistan has maintained a body of Master Trainers of which Twenty fice trainers completed a Training of Trainers (TOT) programme at NAIT, Canada. Four of its Master Trainers are on the ASOSAI Panel of international instructors who have delivered a number of training courses organized under the INTOSAI’s International Development Initiative (IDI) and training programmes of the ASOSAI.

The SAI Pakistan’s human resource profile also includes the services of qualified Engineers, Doctors in medicine and other Scientists specially trained for conducting specialized audits in the areas of:

  • Public works,
  • Public sector health facilities,
  • Public sector commercial operations,
  • Environmental & Forensic auditing and
  • isaster Relief, Recovery and Rehabilitation operations

The SAI Pakistan is also the co-sponsor of the Pakistan Institute of Public Finance Accountants (PIPFA), which is a member of the International Federation of Chartered Accountants and is imparting professional training to the public sector auditors and accountants.

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