Organization Profile

This office is a well established and important audit unit of the Department of the Auditor General of Pakistan which carries out Regularity Audit (Financial Attest Audit, Compliance with Authority Audit) and Performance Audit/Special Studies of six departments and subordinate offices of the Government of the Punjab under Article 169 & 170 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973 read with Section 8,10 &12 of Auditor General of Pakistan (Functions, Powers and Terms & Conditions of Service) Ordinance 2001. These departments are Irrigation and Power (I&P) Department, Communication and Works (C&W) Department, Housing, Urban Development & Public Health Engineering (HUD&PHE) Department, Local Government & Community Development (LG&CD) Department, Planning and Development (P&D) Department. Furthermore, audit of construction and works portion of Health & Education Institutions is also conducted by this Directorate. The office is headed by the Director General (BPS-20 Officer) with a staff of one (01) Director, five (05) Deputy Directors, seven (07) Assistant Directors, twenty three (23) Audit Officers, thirty one (31) Assistant Audit Officers, one hundred & twenty three (123) Senior Auditors, twelve (12) Junior Auditors and other supporting staff under his command.

As a result of annual audit of the departments and offices mentioned above an audit report is prepared, which is submitted to the Auditor General of Pakistan for approval and for causing it to be laid before the PAC of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab.

This Directorate General has three Branch Audit Offices at Lahore, Faisalabad and Multan which work under this Directorate.

Audit Functions

  • Preparation of Annual Audit Plan, its execution, monitoring, evaluation etc.
  • Configuration of Field Audit Teams
  • Approval of Work Programmes of Field Audit Teams.
  • Supervision of Field Audit Teams / Branch Audit Offices.
  • Approval of Departmental Accounts Committee minutes (un-printed paras).
  • Submission of proposed Audit Reports to the Auditor-General of Pakistan for approval.
  • Submission of printed Audit Reports to the Governor for causing it to be laid before Public Accounts Committee of the Provincial Assembly.

P.A.C. Functions

  • Review & approval of Audit comments for PAC.
  • Attend PAC/sub-committee meetings.
Administrative Functions

  • Sanction of budget estimates of the office.
  • Sanction of Traveling Allowance (TA), Traveling Allowance (TA) Advance,   General Provident Fund (GPF) Advance (gazetted/non-gazetted) Motorcycle /Car  Advance (MCA), House Building Advance (HBA) and Cycle Advance, Honorarium of staff, Pension of B-17 and below except Internal Departmental Cadre (IDC) as per System of Financial Control and Budgeting 2006.
  • Approval / sanction of recruitment, promotion, transfer, deputation of gazetted/ non-gezetted staff except class-IV, confirmation of staff.
  • Sanctioning / recommending all kinds of leaves of gazetted and non-gazetted staff including ex-Pakistan leave (non-gazetted).
  • Control over expenditure with reference to sanctioned budget.
  • Transfer and posting of staff.

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